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Hearing the broken two soldiers can clearly look back at the one on the left, and turning around to see a shadow in the corner of their eyes, it becomes extremely difficult to breathe after the throat cools down.

The captain wiped his throat without stopping and rolling, and then he came to another soldier.
The soldier just wanted to shout a saber when he stabbed him through his tongue and sank into his brain.
The captain covered his mouth, and the soldiers looked at each other’s eyes from fear to pain to loss. At last, the captain lost his look in his eyes and took out his saber to bring up a stream of blood.
He quietly placed two soldiers around the fire to keep warm, and one soldier’s intercom rang "149 report"
The captain took the intercom. When a night wind roared, he said quickly but vaguely, "Everything is fine."
A recorder in the command hall of the highland post took a board with the number’ 149′ and entered the word’ normal’ in the record column behind it.
He looked at the big screen and listed many windows. From these windows, he could see the scene around the sentry tower and found nothing unusual. The recorder yawned and went to the tea to pour himself a glass of water.
After he entered the tea, there was a black shadow in a window passing by the edge of the window
At this time, the black shadow was rushing to the fork in the road like the wind. A sentry patrolled the gun. The sentry heard the wind and turned around. The black shadow had passed him.
He suddenly felt a chill in his waist and ribs and looked down to see scarlet blood pouring out like a waterfall. His waist and ribs were cut deeply and the long wound suddenly cracked, making the blood pressure in his body gush like a fountain.
Whether the sentry will do it or not, the black shadow rushes back again, gently jumps on the soldier’s back, borrows half-flips his left hand, grabs the sentry’s shoulder, and wraps the short blade around the former sentry’s throat, giving everything away.
After the shadow fell to the ground, the sentry had issued a "ho ho" light call, clutching his throat and convulsed to death on his knees.
This black shadow is also black and armored, but it looks like a woman because it is petite.
She didn’t stop and continued to sneak along the established route.
In the darkness, this group of troops outflanked from both sides of the sentry tower and sneaked away several sentry soldiers. Soon they came to the platform of the sentry tower.
The captain fell on the ground and took out his night vision telescope. He saw two soldiers guarding the entrance of the sentry tower. This kind of guard is obviously better equipped than the sentry.
Their body armor covers more areas and focuses on protecting important positions of the body. Even in places like waist ribs, there are hidden steel rings. soft armor’s personal protection is a test for attackers to cut soft armor with one knife and cut the wound.
These assassins didn’t act in a hurry. They waited patiently for a moment, and then one of the soldiers said softly, "I’ll be right there to wash my hands."
His companion waved and said "Go" unexpectedly.
In a blink of an eye, there was only one soldier left in front of the gate. At this moment, the assassin captain’s ear communicator whispered, "Paralyze the monitoring equipment in front of the gate."
"all right"
After receiving the response, the captain sneaked around. He came to the sentry tower from the dead corner of the soldier’s line of sight, then walked against the wall and quickly came behind the guard.
Captain, you can see the guard armor structure clearly from this distance. He has rich combat experience and quickly found the gap.
He did not hesitate to stick to the guard quickly. First, he cut off the guard’s right wrist and let the guard loose his rifle.
The captain kept covering the guard’s mouth with one hand, and the saber stabbed the guard’s neck. There was no armor to protect the captain. He easily inserted it into the cervical joint and cut off the guard’s spine with one pick.
The guard’s eyes were about to protrude from his eyes, but he gradually lost his spirits and finally relaxed and died.
The captain immediately dragged the body. At this time, the assassins quickly swept into the gate and invaded the sentry tower.
Soon there was an alarm in the sentry tower, and there was an energy collision between the guns.
But all this subsided after half an hour.
The troops stationed in the sentry tower were wiped out, and none of them stayed.
In this process, although someone asked Qingtianbao for help, all the help messages were intercepted and none of them were sent out.
In the command hall
The assassin’s captain took out a communicator and sent a message that the Qingtianbao highland post had been taken!
The sun is shining in the morning, but the mood is not brilliant at all.
Master got up earlier than the chicken these days, slept later than the dog, and rushed to the Lord’s house day and night. He hasn’t come home for several days.
He has never been a workaholic, otherwise he wouldn’t have gone to be the commander of Nightcrawler at the beginning, but there is no way. He hasn’t heard from Yu Jingtao Castle since the soldiers clashed in two forts on the border a few days ago.
This feeling of being completely blind and not knowing what the reaction of Jing Tao Bao is is is simply terrible for the old commander.
After the incident, he sent an official document to Jingtaobao as the agent of the city owner, hoping to communicate with Lin Yuanwu on this matter.
However, the official document was like a mud cow entering the sea without a sound, and it didn’t give a response, which worried Yan.
Today, the first thing he did when he returned to the office was to ask about the situation in the border area, and he was slightly relieved after getting all the normal replies.
The master remembered Su Lie in the sun by the window. "I haven’t heard from you for many days. Is it dead?"
Just finished, there was a stereo in the drawer, and it turned out to be Su Lie’s communication request.
He quickly answered and said, "Hey, you’re not dead yet."
Su Lieyin sounded in the communication machine. "Old man, you are so eager for me to die. If I had known, I wouldn’t be so energetic …"
Chu Yan also heard other people breathing from the communicator. Su Lie seems to be on his way. The old commander frowned and said, "What’s the matter?"
"Something happened to the broken home."
Su Lie’s communicator replied, "Duanshan was imprisoned. Lin Yuanwu planned to launch a fortress war. After hearing the news, Duanshan tried to dissuade him but was imprisoned by Lin Yuanwu."
"What? It’s a matter of time. Wait until now and tell me why you don’t just wait until the war is over!" The old commander didn’t change his temper, but he rattled and asked questions.
Chapter 1161 ferocious
The words sound just fell in the communication machine rang Su Lie call "shut up, old man, I don’t want to inform you? Lin Yuanwu took control of the communication in the fortress after the war mobilization, and its channel signals were blocked except for their military special channels. "
Chu Yan was stunned. "Then where are you now?"
"Of course, after Duanshan was imprisoned outside the city, I was worried that Lin Yuanwu would show his family a broken knife and bring out a pair of children from Duanshan. I escorted them for a while and let them go to the Qingtianbao by themselves when they got to the territory of Qingtianbao. They can take refuge in Yunjia."
When Su Lie said this, the old commander cried, "What do you mean, you’re not going to come back?"
"What am I going back to do? Lin Yuanwu suddenly wants to fight a war. It must be that the number of Yuan Yuan has provoked the number of Yuan Yuan. Maybe he’s still hiding in the city. I’m going to find the youngest son and I won’t go back." Su Lie replied in the communication machine.
Yan Yan went to the window and shook his head and said, "But there are only a few top fighters left in Qingtianbao. Yuan has gone, Fei Mei has gone, and now the fortress military can still get it, so I will pay old bones and Cao Gang."
Communication machine was silent for a moment before Su Lieyin continued to ring "Don’t you have the old man in the cloud house? I heard that he is very strong now and has his fortress. What are you worried about? "
Chu Yan said, "The sea of clouds is really strong. He tried his best to stop the black people’s army at the beginning of the’ netherworld’, but he was not a military man. We ordered him whether he would make a move or not, but according to his own mind."
"To take a step back, even if the sea of clouds moves, it is not a good thing for the fortress. The strength of the aristocratic family is too strong, and the branches and leaves overwhelm the trunk. If the primary and secondary are reversed, it will easily lead to an accident."
Su Lie smiled in the communicator. "What can I change when I go back? I am a shady person. If I expose my identity, the war church will definitely ask questions and even the fortress will be implicated."
Yan Yan snorted, "It’s different now. It’s not as easy for the church to intervene in our affairs as it was 17 years ago."
Su Lie woke him up and said, "Don’t forget that the Golden Chamber is also paying attention to the Qingtianbao, especially at this moment when Yuan Shu has not been caught. If you let them know that a guy who has been in the reverse world for 17 years is now running back, do you think the Golden Chamber will leave it alone?"
"If the Golden Chamber wants to intervene, the pressure will be greater than that of the war church. I can’t go back, old man. If I go back, it will make things worse, but I can do what I can, such as finding Yuan Shu and beating him up before handing him over to you for disposal."
ChuYan frowned "this ….."
"Don’t be such a bitch, old man. You weren’t like this before. Just let it be. If you really have difficulties over there, I will help you secretly, but I can’t appear at the bottom of the sun. This is because I have to think for myself for the sake of the fortress. Are you right?"
Chu Yan hummed, "Come on, come on, always listen to you. You just want to be lazy when you are young. You used to be like this. Everything is an excuse!"