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It stands to reason that the fat supervisor should be happy in the face of a group of people who are stupid enough not to shoot.

But there are too many people who can’t stand it!
Hungry people are still pouring out of tunnels, just like paper soaked in water, and their territory is constantly infiltrated and compressed.
Although the peripheral guards keep shooting, they consume the speed of the bombs and can’t keep up with the speed of the hungry people.
These fierce daredevil guys are like zombies who dare to charge directly against bullets!
Dream back to the era of queuing and shooting
Of course, these hungry people have temporarily lost their minds, but that doesn’t mean they are really crazy.
After the initial charge period, some hungry people’s brains began to take charge of their bodies again. They pointed their guns at the guards and started shooting.
Not to mention the fact that these people woke up with a deafening gun. He was hungry and had a rifle in his hand.
As a result, the poor firepower of the guard was quickly covered directly. A large number of members began to die, and some of them could retreat to the bunker and escape. They could not escape and wait for the hungry people to approach.
The rear fat supervisor looked at the bureau and ran away when the guard suffered casualties.
He has one last point of responsibility. He didn’t forget to report the attack on the granary through the line during his escape.
The granary was attacked.
This kind of thing has happened a lot before. After all, not every hungry person is willing to be thrown into the desert by shaking in the van.
Adding North America is also a vast territory, and it is normal for several bandit teams to dare to rob granaries.
But it is rare or never happened that the granary was broken by a group of hungry people.
After all, hungry people need strength, but they don’t need weapons. Why attack the granary without weapons?
This matter was quickly reported according to the special process and soon attracted attention.
But some people have doubts.
"The report tells that the hungry people suddenly appeared in the granary after the containment was knocked down. They didn’t grasp the attack signal of the hungry people beforehand …"
This is bullshit.
Suddenly appeared the fence?
Can those hungry people teleport?
"It should be to cover up their dereliction of duty!"
"Or the attack on the root didn’t happen. This is false news …"
Suddenly, someone is worried about another new possibility. "Will the sudden appearance of hungry people have something to do with those people?"
The scene was instantly quiet.
What those people mean by nature is mutual aid.
Now this topic is quite sensitive, and no one thinks of it.
But it happened that they saw the tunnel with their own eyes in the surveillance video. They invested for 40 years, and that’s how Professor Brand took his team away.
It was a long time before someone said
"But it’s not so easy to make a small wormhole. If this means is to make a granary, then …"
Although the words were not finished, everyone understood what he meant.
There are only over 200,000 tons of grain in their granary.
This looks like a lot, but it’s nothing compared with a small wormhole.
Making a small wormhole for more than 200,000 tons of grain is not a pure loss business?
Chapter 34 So what?
Finally, after discussion, everyone at the meeting still insisted that there were many doubts about this matter, or it was more likely to lie about military intelligence by eating inside and picking outside.
Even if it’s not possible, it’s a rare and successful hunger riot in North America for so many years.
If only they could get the granary back quickly.
Although there is no army in North America, similar military institutions have always maintained, such as the National Guard, and even the National Tax Bureau has its own armed forces.
Although it is impossible to take it out to fight, it is enough to beat a group of hungry people who are unarmed and lack military quality in a small nest