5, Jul 2024
In the face of this situation, Gretel’s happy expression immediately froze.

This thing is a symbol of Eldar gods.
The people are psychic, psychic races, and they all feel a cold look projected from the depths of Asia.
It’s like being splashed with cold water in winter, and it’s creepy to feel the biting chill sweeping through their hearts instantly.
Dare not hesitate at all.
And now a certain brand on that side is releasing brilliance.
An unreal scarlet flower, which is delicate and charming, is surrounded by blood and fog, and slowly blooms in front of the eyes of many crew members of Gladys.
An inexplicable pressure also appeared.
"Stay away from this neighborhood for two thousand years."
I dare not ask any more questions, let alone say that I have not caught my prey.
Gladys, they immediately rushed to answer "Yes".
All the Adalinds, including Gladys, trembled and fell to their knees.
Whispering in his most pious tone, "Welcome to the coronation!"
I don’t care about their thoughts for a moment.
The strongest and greatest is the God of War-Kane’s own leg proves this.
Most generous, many times, if you sincerely believe in him, you will be rewarded, even in the most remote corners, as if everything can’t be hidden from each other when they are completely different from other gods.
The kindest, his attitude is casual, even if he is offended by intention, he will not be angry.
Be the only foreign god that Adaling people believe in.
Status is more special in Adaling clan.
The strongest, the most generous, the most merciful, the most cruel … are all other words.
Many Adaling people have also made a lot of summaries of each other’s action patterns.
The most famous one is to leave him alone.
Beating people in person and twisting their heads to eat fresh food are really dry.
The most cruel, just as he is kind and casual, he kills casually, depending on his mood, no one can understand his reasons for doing it.
It is also very strange to comment on the Adaling people by the wind.
Basis belongs to excellent or extremely bad.
That’s not good
As far as he knows, if he was killed by this god, he wouldn’t even have a chance to change his body by borrowing Noah.
A clean death.
Faced with his orders, Gladys naturally dared not ask more questions.
The head is as fast as garlic.
Afraid of being killed by too many words.
I kept going around for a few days before I dared to stop.
Jump to a human federal colonial planet through Asia
After a while, the human federal fleet who was fleeing discovered that Adaling clan had been seen behind them.
I don’t know exactly what happened to them.
Out of caution, I’ve been on my way, constantly circling inside.
Next to Greer, he was still keenly aware of some situations. As soon as his eyes turned to him, he cast a puzzled look.
"I just saw a little disappointing program."
He casually explained this way
In a garden, Olga thought a little disappointed while talking with Gollum and them.
It’s a pity …’
Although I didn’t show any emotions, I didn’t say anything.
Abruptly put the first fleet back into the human federal territory.
By this time, according to the terms of the abyss contract, he naturally could not continue to watch.
Soolga can make you get the hell out of here
He thought the chance to cut a human federal strength.
Although there are no eggs, at least it can be disgusting. After all, he has taken advantage of it in vain.
However, Gretchett’s performance is true and somewhat profitable.
Turning to the previous topic, "Did you have something to tell us just now?"
"Didn’t you tell me that you were too weak?"
Song Laner habitually sighed and gave up the investigation directly.