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A cold sound Li Xuandao suddenly sounded and saw the green tiger with a sneer at his front paws. With a wave of his hand, more than a dozen Huang Yanhu immediately attacked wildly!

Chapter 616 Godsworn blue yan!
Chapter 616 Godsworn blue yan!
It’s not surprising that the young tiger can talk directly to his heart, Li Xuandao! But the words really surprised him.
His enemy’s name is well known. If the other person is a practitioner or an ordinary person, he would not be so surprised. However, it is really strange that the other person is a tiger who knows his name.
But at this time, more than a dozen Huang Yanhu have embraced each other, and Li Xuandao didn’t ask him if he suddenly punched nine boxing shadows, just like nine dragons breaking through the angry sea and violently attacking nine Huang Yanhu tigers respectively.
Kowloon Diba Boxing!
Since he became a dragon god, he has a deeper understanding of this type of boxing, and his power has skyrocketed, and he can blow Kowloon into the world.
Bang bang bang!
There were several slight muffled noises from the slight earthquake of Juegu Qi. Nine Huangyan tigers flew in response.
At this time, a few remaining Huang Yanhu have rushed to Li Xuandao’s side. They are all flashing with a faint light and suddenly lean out their front paws. The momentum is heavy like Taishan coping to suppress mountains and rivers.
"get out!"
Li Xuandao’s eyes glared at each other angrily, and Tiger Claw struck him. His body trembled wildly and violently. Those who attacked Huangyan Tiger were caught off guard by this sudden vibration. The attack was biased and hit each other. The expression of pain fell one after another.
Blink a dozen heads to attack Huang Yanhu, who has already died suddenly.
"Who the hell are you?" Li Xuandao stared at the young tiger eyes slowly way
"You don’t deserve to know my name with your realistic strength!"
Young tiger disdainfully raised his head and looked coldly at more than a dozen hands killed and his face was indifferent. "Li Xuandao became a dragon!" Otherwise, you are not my opponent by yourself! "
"What?" Li Xuandao’s eyes narrowed and his heart was brewing.
This time, he came to the boundless state and repeatedly told himself to keep a low profile and never give away the clues. He was discovered by the skull demon of the giant demon clan, but he could endure the provocation of three people and never sent it.
But now a beast dares to provoke his majesty!
If you keep going, he will insist on majesty.
Endure can endure already must endure again!
Li Xuandao looked grim, clenched his fist and exuded a huge momentum. "Some people can’t be provoked casually. Since you provoked it, you should be prepared to die at any time!"
"Ha ha Li Xuandao, what are you if I am an animal?"
The young tiger’s face is full of banter, but it doesn’t wait for Li Xuandao to finish this sentence. Its legs are as fast as lightning, and its huge body is instantly shattered like a mountain.
Li Xuandao’s eyes shrank sharply, his right hand clenched, and he made a straight attack. The nine dragons in the palm of his hand intertwined to increase his strength.
Li Xuandao suddenly drank his right fist and Tiger Claw hit him instantly, and he was already silent. The red scales of the dragon body covered his body like armor, and it was even more incredible that he punched the other Tiger Claw with great strength.
There was a dull sound in Juegu, and the spirits and beasts playing around were scared to flee.
Kaka, Kaka!
Li Xuandao stepped back two steps, and the scales of his fist were broken, and the young tiger also stepped back two steps, and his sharp front paws were broken.
"Mom, the information is wrong!"
The young tiger growled first, and then he said, "Li Xuandao, when did you break through to the ninth floor of the sage?"
Li Xuandao slowly withdrew his right fist and looked down at the broken Long Lin’s cold eyes. "Didn’t your parents teach you to come first? Isn’t it rude for you to ask me instead of answering my question? "
With that, Li Xuandao raised his head and suddenly looked sharp. "Who the hell are you?"
"Ha ha ha good! Li Xuandao, I will let you die today! "
The young tiger laughed wildly at the sky, and the blue flame soared, which set him off with great power and domineering. "I’m a Godsworn, Qingyan!"
Hearing this, Li Xuandao’s eyes shook.
The other party is not a barren god, but a practitioner, and like him, they are all practitioners who can incarnate behemoths.
The only difference is that Li Xuandao can be transformed into a dragon and blue face can be transformed into a giant tiger!
No wonder Qing Yan once said that if I were an animal, what would you be?
It turned out that he compared himself to the same kind!
However, Li Xuandao can be sure that he has never practiced Taihua Dragon Tactics and Qingyan Shenzong. Although both of them seem to be able to incarnate behemoths, they are completely different in nature.
The green face incarnates the green tiger, but the ancient god Li Xuandao incarnates the dragon, which is the predecessor of the ancestor dragon of the wild.
A stop here, a can constantly upgrade, and Li Xuandao incarnate the dragon power, and I don’t know how many times the young tiger is stronger.
"Is Li Xuandao shocked?" Blue yan ponder looking at Li Xuandao expect to see surprised expression from each other’s face.
However, there is no!
Li Xuandao’s face didn’t change at all except rolling his eyes. He looked coldly at the corners of his mouth and sneered faintly. "It’s no big deal that you can incarnate the ancient famine god in the practice of heaven, and your strength is fragile. It’s far from the real ancient famine god. I can take your head with three strokes for such rubbish!"
At the same time, in a hidden corner of Juegu
"Young tiger, this is the Godsworn, Qingyan!"
Han Tiandong hid behind a huge rock and stared at the head of the green tiger with a bath fire. "Impossible! Didn’t Godsworn always lie dormant for a hundred years and never go out? Now, how can they find Li Xuandao to look at it? "
I don’t know!
The old man who drank blood smiled bitterly. "The ancient God Sect of the Holy Adult has always been mysterious and powerful. Even our blood lotus Sect dare not provoke it easily. Don’t be impulsive regardless of the God Sect staring at the holy adult of Li Xuandao!"
Han Tiandong leng leng immediately laughed "how did that happen? I know very well the strength of ancient gods and they can help me solve Li Xuandao. I’m glad to come. How dare I provoke these people and animals? "
Chapter 617 Who is a worm?
Chapter 617 Who is a worm?
Li Xuandao, what did you say?
Despite the silence, there was still an extremely angry roar! It’s like a special environment to cover up this sound, anger, panting, scarlet eyes and staring at the figure in front of you. "Who did you just say was garbage?"
"I said three strokes to take your head" Li Xuandao flicked his fingers and answered irrelevant questions.
Blue Yan is going crazy. He is waving his front paws the size of a millstone and whining. If you want to tear the virtual thing, "Li Xuandao, do you want to take my head? Hahaha arrogance has come to enter the dragon since ancient times. You are the overlord of the sky and I am the king of the mountain forest. I may not be your opponent. However, if you are a real dragon in the land, you have to give me a plate. Why do you take my head? "
"Cut the crap and see if I give you a certificate!" Li Xuandao drink a body flashing fist crack virtual step came before the blue yan.
Blue yan expression disdainful eyeful contempt he slowly raised his front paws suddenly find out the front sharp horse to meet Li Xuandao fist grinned "what do you want to prove? Beat by me and admit that you are an ant? "
"Who is an ant?"
Li Xuandao’s half-length momentum changed, his eyes were bloodshot, and a strange murder was brewing in his heart. This murder was very abrupt but extremely violent. It was as if his incarnation of the dragon was provoked by a worm and he was furious!
Yes, it’s an ant!
Although many ancient and wild gods of young tigers are among the best, they are still a humble ant in front of Li Xuandao, the incarnation of the ancestor of the wild.
The worm dares to provoke the dragon’s majesty and has to pay the price of his life!
"Give me to die!"
Li Xuandao roars a whole body rises from the blood-red luster, and then his momentum soars by more than ten times, leaving the ghosting on his body like a teleport and slamming his blue nose with one punch.
While the blue Yan Tiger Claw has just raised half.
An earth-shattering tiger roars off the valley, echoing the blue face, and the huge body flies backwards and breaks more than ten towering trees. This just collapsed, but he hasn’t come to climb from the ground and a blood-red figure strikes again.
Counting fists rained down.
"Who’s a worm? Who’s a worm … Who do you say is a worm?"