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Tao cat revealed several good words in a row, but my heart was forced to be angry.

Chapter 175 Was in place
Teach yourself a good brother. Step by step, interlocking puzzles. A fatal blow broke out at the most critical time at the end of the year. It’s really amazing. Just like it.
The cat was filled with relief, anger, happiness and vigilance. Looking at Sun Hao’s eyes, it was also very complicated. After half a ring, the cat asked, "So Xiaohao, even if I don’t show up this time, do you have a way to deal with the devil?"
Sun Haowei smiled and nodded and said, "There are still some ways."
Tao cat laughed at the sky and even said a few words and asked, "If I come to save you this time and don’t plan your soul, will you treat me like this?"
Sun Hao smiled and said, "I will do my best not to let my predecessors down, but I will not regard my predecessors as the source of my soul, even if Sumeru condenses the tower to dominate or find another suitable body."
Tao cat face a look of relief immediately face with a heavy finger to Sun Hao a finger mouth a loud roar "Sun Hao you this is what kind of woman? What about your mind? Don’t you know that the stronger the strength of the two deputy souls, the stronger the control, and the further you will go in the future? Are you going to find a random place to be fascinated? You disappoint me so much. If you have something to do with me today, take me to my heart. If you dare to melt the general soul source, I will not end with you … "
When the cat was talking, his face changed again. At that time, Untitled Scholar was more excited, as if he hated iron to produce.
Sun Hao’s face showed a bit of a wry smile and he bowed slightly and said, "I’m so educated, please pay attention to my predecessors. I’m going to start."
Say that finish arms gently spread five spirit disposal points five directions firmly surrounded the cat.
Seven points in the sky soared and attacked.
Sumeru Tower was set by the Five Spirits, and the golden light of the pagoda was no longer isolated from Sun Hao’s perception of sub-spirit. Now, after the outbreak of Sun Haoli, the seven spirits were connected in unison and launched an attack on the Tao cat.
Sun Hao knows the sea and a really shocking war broke out.
Tao cat was caught in a tight encirclement, but he was not discouraged. White clothes fluttered and flying swords fought lightly.
Sun Hao’s hand-bucket-stick-driven seven-spirit and five-spirit helped to lay siege to the Tao cat.
Show that the cat was fierce.
Even if it is a fierce battle with the demon king, it will take a lot of money to suppress the demon king into the deputy soul. Even if it is Sun Haoqi’s great spirit, even if it is Sun Haoyou, XuanYuanhong, who led the five spirits to help, it is difficult to easily get the secret after the war.
The celestial body is a mess.
The secret of the real power explosion can often know the opponent’s attack rhythm and landing point in an unpredictable way, and can often make Sun Hao attack with one word and one action.
The most powerful thing is that the secret can sometimes hurt Sun Haoqi’s soul with a word.
It’s really weird to think about the secret, and the horror will produce a feeling that makes Sun Hao feel incredible.
For example, in normal combat, it should be because the opponent has cut Sun Hao’s body first, and Sun Hao will be injured.
However, the Tao cat is slightly different here. It was very strange several times during the war with the Tao cat. Sun Hao didn’t understand the state very well
The way of fighting the cat came up with the absurd cause and effect that Sun Hao was injured first and Sun Hao was beheaded by the cat sword.
That is to say, the cause and effect are mixed up because of the chaos of the cat.
Ordinary people have a cause before they have a result, and here is the first result, and later, because things are so ridiculous.
It’s like having a baby.
The normal situation is to become a couple first, get pregnant, and then give birth to a child.
But the secret is that this is where the husband and the child are pregnant and the Taoist couple are formed.
Cause and effect are completely reversed.
Even Sun Haoqi’s great spirit is often injured inexplicably.
For example, "Xingtian, you’re hurt because Taikoo Lei Shou caught you" with a slap in the face.
Taikoo Lei Shou swore that he didn’t attack Xingtian, because it was impossible for Sun Hao to act in a unified and coordinated manner, but Xingtian Wu’s spirit was hit by a thunderbolt, and smoke rose from his body.
While swire Lei Shou inexplicably found himself involuntarily spitting out a thunderbolt skynet to Xingtian Wupo.
Fierce confrontation is carried out in this absurd fighting state.
The powerful secret has various influences on the battle result. Perhaps it is because the secret has not recovered after a fierce battle with the devil. The secret is not enough to have a fatal effect, and not every word can affect the secret. Sometimes it may not have much effect when the secret is not chaotic enough.
If Tao cat can have the causal ability of "if you die, your opponent’s horse will die", the battle will not be fought.
The seven spirits besieged the five spirits and took over to help the Yuan gods.
Tao cat was caught in a tight encirclement and fought. He also said that he would never release water or compromise, and he really put a lot of pressure on Sun Hao.
The strongest one time, one thought, the cat was in chaos, Sun Hao’s seven-inch melee was instantaneous, and the cat broke through the seven-inch interception and killed Sun Hao’s main soul.
A good master has a fighting spirit, a strong fighting spirit and a strong fighting spirit, which can lead to an epidemic. The "one thought is chaotic" makes his reverse causality have no effect on himself, otherwise Sun Hao may not be able to play the aisle.
The five spirits can occasionally participate in the war, but their main energy is to isolate Sumeru from the tower and keep it from being revealed by Tao.
I’m not afraid of having a real woman sitting in the seat, but the fighting situation might be even worse if I don’t think about the cat’s nest.
The secret is extremely fast, and the fighting mode is very reasonable, and the consumption is not very large. However, Sun Haoqi was injured after a moment of fierce fighting.
Although seven’ o is very strong, it is weaker than Tao’s secret, and I don’t know the first line, and I can’t plague Tao’s secret cause and effect, and I am often injured by chaos.
Of course, the seven’ o onslaught has also suffered a lot of damage.
The fierce battle lasted for several hours, and Sun Hao performed many times before and after evolution. After that, the dead god stabilized a few points, and the fighting body stabilized the war situation, which gradually gained the advantage and gained the slightest wind.
Tao cat sank into a state of battle and fought to the death with Sun Haoli, also looking for the last chance of victory by himself.
After another four hours of war, Sun Hao’s agarwood sword finally seized the opportunity to play the role of "wind localization" and blocked the road around the cat. It was difficult for him to move because the ice butterfly sprinkled the splendor and the road was frozen in the wind localization.
Dapeng goldfinch flew in and flew away as high as the wind.
Sun Hao’s soul-sucking technique was put to good use to give a fierce breath to ZhunXing Huizhong’s secret.
After a long battle, the cat was no longer in control of the cat, and it was beyond his calculation limit, otherwise the wind localization could not just center him.
Soul-absorption plus Dapeng Golden Winged Bird Speed The cat felt that her spiritual will suddenly vibrated and found that she had appeared in the sub-soul and was tightly surrounded by bursts of soul force.