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Li Chongjiu smiled and said, "This light armor is in my warehouse. I’m going to pick up the elite of my pale-headed cavalry and form an armored cavalry."? "

Ying Hefu’s eyes lit up when he heard this. Really? "
Li Chongjiu laughed. I can’t form this two hundred armor. "
Li Chongjiu couldn’t help but think that Luo Yi Youzhou has 5,000 armored horses, but if the horses are covered with armor, then the requirements for the bearing explosive power of the horses are too high.
Horses in the northeast of Hebei province are more suitable for armored riding, but Turkic horses are lacking
Li Chongjiu prepared leather for temporary war horses, and the men were dressed in armor to form a regiment of fighters, while the other two regiments were light-mounted.
For the light cavalry of the Great Sui Dynasty
Generally equipped with two bows, a hard bow is a stone and a half iron bow, which can not only shoot far but also break armor. This is generally a horse stance just look!
There is also a soft bow and nine buckets for riding and shooting.
Li Chongjiu deployed the Xi cavalry according to the standard of the cavalry in the Sui Dynasty, and at the same time, the iron arrow was also well-deserved, plus a straight knife made in the Sui Dynasty.
So this Xi cavalry fighting capacity doubled is more than.
Li Chongjiu is convinced that this cavalry can definitely constitute a sweeping force against the archer tribe, which is mostly still in the grassland.
Note: One water flows out of the southeast of Yuyi Town, which is now Luanhe River.
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Chapter one hundred and twenty-three
Form a cavalry
Chapter one hundred and twenty-three
The formation of armour is
Hand-played by members
Chapter one hundred and twenty-four TuQiTuan
Chapter one correction of clerical errors
Yu Yi Town, the east of Huaihuang Town, well, there are also three hundred armor for the protagonist, not two hundred. I’m very sorry, please forgive me.
Huaihuang Town is still stepping up its efforts to repair the two thousand city walls around it.
After everyone’s responsibility system, the construction of the city wall was greatly accelerated. Liu Yi told Li Chongjiu that the construction period was greatly shortened in the first two months, and the four walls of Huaihuang Town could be repaired completely in one month.
This is also the advantage of having ready-made city walls to repair. If a city is built with two thousand people, it will take at least one year to build it.
This is also where Li Chongjiu chose Huaihuang Town to gain a foothold.
The garrison people are sweating hard. On one side, the peasant women stack baskets of freshly cooked cakes like hills, while on the other side, several big-eared coarse porcelain jars are filled with clear water and there is a wooden ladle for the garrison to drink.
According to the regulations formulated by Li Chongjiu, all water must be boiled before drinking raw water. Even so, it consumes a lot of firewood, but there is still a rule that it is not allowed to urinate anywhere. The two major health systems in Huaihuang Town are implemented together
In addition to constantly building the city wall, Cang Cao Liuyi submitted an existing material report to Li Chongjiu.
In yanhuaihuang town, there are three thousand stones of corn, two thousand two hundred stones of wheat and one hundred and fifty stones of rice.
According to the current standard of four fights for women, children and two fights for women and children in Huaihuang Town, 4,000 men and 3,000 women and children in Huaihuang Town can support three months even if they are frugal.
When the town was built, all the grain and hay were shipped from Yanmen Valley, and only rice and food were added to the road, which almost consumed Li Chongjiu’s original fundraising of tens of millions of dollars.
Don’t say that in this troubled times, just millet sells for 500 pence.
Yan Huai Huang Town is still operating at a loss. Fortunately, Lin Dangfeng, a merchant of Li Jia Escort Agency, has always supported the cultivation of wheat fields on the south slope and achieved a bumper harvest. Otherwise, people in Yan Huai Huang Town would have been as hungry as people.
However, Liu Yi told Li Chongjiu that there was not enough hay for the winter.
Li Chongjiu-yi couldn’t help but cut hay for the winter, which is a very important thing in the grassland.
In winter, it is impossible for cattle and sheep to eat grass outside as usual, so it is necessary to prepare a lot of hay for the winter
Especially in Huaihuang Town, it is well known that hundreds of war horses consume hay to raise horses.
No wonder history has kept Li Mu, the Qiang Qin cavalry that swept the Xiongnu, and the Zhao people cut all the young crops that had just grown in the field and fed them to the horses.
When Li Chongjiu ordered all the idlers to go to cut hay together, he considered killing weak horses, cattle and sheep and saving forage for the winter.
In addition to preparing enough hay for cattle and sheep to spend the winter, it is also necessary to prevent grassland black disaster, white disaster and plague, otherwise an careless animal will die and lose everything.
If you really answered that sentence, you will have a lot of money, not counting hair.
By Li Chongjiu’s new life, Ji Chuanshou’s trio of civil servants, almost all of the 20 yamen attendants who passed the exam were divided into several people, and all of them ran off their legs.
Watching them look bitter and dusty, they are ready to complain to themselves that Li Chongjiu is very unkind and immediately pull out his horse and leave.
There are many things to build a city, but the most important thing is the formation of Li Chong’s 93 regiment cavalry.
After these three cavalry regiments, Li Chongjiu hit three thousand Li and swallowed up Wan Li as a tiger.
Therefore, Li Chongjiu must personally bring his soldiers together to train together and share weal and woe. Only then will this army deeply brand itself.
This is the only way to get the sky, except for a few founding emperors, most of whom are big warlords, who have high prestige in the army.
After that, this team brought out by itself must be dead set for the first chief in the future.
In the three regiments, Li Chongjiu always led all the cavalry and Wang Mahan, who was also a regiment, led a regiment of Yinghe Fu.
The cavalry of Cangtou Army of Xi Department mixed together to practice hunting and archery.
The cavalry of Cangtou Army mainly learned from the cavalry of Xi Department, such as archery in the left and right flank.
Li Chongjiu also told Ying Hefu the tactics of Mongols in later generations to practice two regiments of light cavalry.
Ying Hefu showed great interest after Li Chongjiu told him that there was such a tactic. When he decided to drill the Xi cavalry first and then teach it to Wang Mahan Cangtou cavalry.
In that regiment, he was equipped with armored cavalry and practiced by Li Chongjiu himself.
This cavalry regiment is a mixture of Hu and Han cavalry, which is reminiscent of the sudden riding of Youzhou, which started as Emperor Guangwu of Han Dynasty.
Armored riding is different from armored riding. It’s not that Li Chongjiu doesn’t have equipment, but that his existing horse is difficult to bear weight and run with iron equipment, but the explosive power is very lacking
However, Li Chongjiu’s horse-riding armor is covered with a layer of cooked cowhide, which also enhances certain protection.
Armor riding practice is the charge. The so-called charge is not a round, but a round of impact. After the end, regroup and carry out another round of impact, and so on.
According to later generations, if you don’t meet a hundred people, where is Ma Jun?
If you don’t train a tough and armor-resistant rider, such as Li Shimin Xuanjia riding Luo Yi Youzhou fighters in the future, you can compare the strength of the army.
A grassland in Yanyin Mountain
A Di Bu was holding a pot of buttermilk and swigging a pot after drinking it. Suddenly, the other party put the porcelain pot on the ground and said, "It’s easy to live in the Xi Bu and the Han people in Huaihuang Town kill me and we want them to blood out."
A general-looking man said, "As soon as Jin is alive, we Turkish ministries are waiting to see if the new Khan is seriously ill because of Khan’s illness. There is no intention to attack the Sui Dynasty south."
"I’m afraid I’ll wait until 2008."
"Idiot’s eye is the time to dart fat Ma Zhuang. Don’t you have to wait for another winter if you don’t take this opportunity to the Han soldiers?" As soon as Ah Diebu turned to Jin, he said, "With our 3,000 soldiers, we can wipe out the Xi Department of the Han Dog Room."
Seeing that Jin’s decision is firm, the warrior with a big account in Adibu is also a kind of revenge for the victims of the same family.
The man who suggested earlier changed his mind and said, "If Jin is going to send troops, I heard that the Xi department of the Khitan people’s room is an enemy. Since we can’t invite his ministries, why don’t we find these Khitan barbarians to send troops together to destroy Huaihuang Town?"
As soon as Ah Diebu heard Jin’s eyes lit up, he burst out laughing and said, "That’s a good idea."
Chapter one hundred and twenty-five Warning
Autumn wind and bleak grassland are short in spring and autumn and long in winter, but it takes five or six months.
The prairie wolf sounds one after another, preparing for a day of hunting and filling in the belly before winter.
On the hillside, the drought wrasse has climbed out of the hole to look for winter food, while the sand chicken is flapping its wings in the grass and jumping around.
Chen Ke was wearing an antelope fur coat, carrying a hunting bow on his shoulder and carrying a few sand chickens. He walked leisurely with small steps and walked out of the path alone.
Chen Ke came to a high hill in Lin, which is the highest place near Huaihuang Town.
A beacon tower with a height of five or six feet was built by the giant wood of the Cangtou Army, and a group of garrison troops were stationed there, overlooking the movement of Fiona Fang Shili, and Chen Keren was the leader of the sentry post. Speaking of it, Chen Ke was a younger brother of Shaolin Temple who was born in 7,000 villages and Li Chongjiu together.
In this way, many people in the pale army have pulled out the team and the positive travel rate.
And Chen Keren is prudent and resourceful, which is most influenced by Li Chongjiu’s distrust. He was temporarily chosen as the leader of this place, and Chen Keren’s defenders are lean and capable sooner or later.
"head! Look at the movement in the distance! "
Chen Ke just peeled off the belly of the sand chicken and took out the dirt. As soon as he heard the warning, he climbed the escalator of the watchtower.