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"Come in, don’t worry, I won’t hurt you." The middle-aged scribes glanced at their faces and said lightly.
When the two men went in trembling for half an hour, Zhao’s father’s expression had become ecstatic and his face was full of pleasing color.
"Let’s just say that although you are a spirit root with three attributes, at least the wood attribute has been reached. Since the old fairy road is not as good as leading you into the fairy road, you may have a chance to set up a family to fix the truth in the future." The middle-aged scribes said lightly that they always maintained a look of light wind and light clouds.
"Thank you, Grandpa Hirakawa, for living up to your expectations and practicing hard!" Zhao Pingchuan said with a face of ecstasy
I didn’t expect him to have a spiritual root. This sudden surprise will sweep away his depression these days and ask him to step on the fairy road to become an immortal. What people want is not easy to get!
"If it’s nothing, just follow me back to Wuyinzong," said the middle-aged scribes lightly.
"ah! So soon? Second grandpa can’t wait two more days? Grandson wants to stay with his father for a while. "Zhao Pingchuan’s look is hard to say. He wants his father to send someone to solve Yu Yilie before he leaves.
"So it’s all right, after all, I will call my name when I go around the house and decide to leave." After a wick, the middle-aged scribes turned away and left a few words for them.
"It’s very kind of children! God helps me, Zhao. I didn’t expect that my ancestors turned out to be immortals. Remember to bring some elixirs back to Dad. "Zhao Gujia’s master Zhao Delao gave Zhao Pingchuan a lecture with great comfort.
"Father, don’t worry! I will bring back the elixir when my child has completed his cultivation, so that you can live a long life! But father, you have to promise me one thing, "Zhao Pingchuan replied without hesitation and took the opportunity to make his own conditions."
"What is it?" Zhao De eyebrows a wrinkly asked
"I want Yunyang from now on there is no Yu Yilie this person! I won’t kill this little boy until he is insulted many times! It’s because this little martial arts skill is not weak and there are innate masters around to protect him. Please send someone to get rid of him! " Zhao Pingchuan gnashed her teeth and said
"Turns out it is no problem! Child, you can set your mind at to go. I will immediately arrange the master to get rid of this person. "Zhao De promised with a loose expression.
On that night, a large group of men in black were ordered to leave Zhao’s house and go to Yunyang without stopping, and all this was known to Yi Lie.
At this time, he was staying in the Eagle Snake River Waterfall Cave. Because Zhu Guo was not yet mature, he forgot to eat and sleep in the cave to practice red fire and strive to keep his best condition.
As soon as Zhu Guo matures, he will try to break through the original again, and Zhu Guo will help break through the ninth floor and reach the peak of the day after tomorrow, and he will be able to break through the innate realm by one step.
I didn’t expect people to be crazy and lucky, and they have spiritual roots. They stepped into the future of Xianzong earlier than him.
Yu Yilie, although his heart is quite unpleasant, is happy after all.
Although the previous plan was disrupted, Good Dragon Master still promised to go to Yufu to guard against hooliganism.
At the same time, Yu Yilie exchanged the three components of restaurant profits with the Dragon Master. Although the Dragon Master strongly refused, he still insisted.
He has decided to hand over the restaurant to Qiu Lan for his father to accept Qiu Lan’s adopted daughter.
During this period, watching the princess join Xianzong one after another made Yu Yilie feel overwhelmed with emotion.
"Before my ideal was just to be a rich man, but now I want to become an immortal! I believe that sooner or later, we will meet again in the celestial realm, and this day will not be too far away. "Sitting cross-legged on a stone bed, Yu Yilie stopped practicing and opened his eyes firmly."
Yu Yilie secretly made up his mind that he must break through the innate condition as soon as possible and then practice quenching tactic to find the fairy edge.
"Even if there are no immortals to accept me, even if there are thousands of difficulties and dangers ahead, I will cut through the thorns and step on the fairy road!"
Chapter 27 Understanding Innate Nature
Three days later, the waterfall is still running, but the small trees on the cliff are like this!
Deep in the cave
Yu Yilie is sitting cross-legged on a stone bed, looking at the crimson fruit in his hand, and his eyes are thoughtfully thinking about something.
"Let’s go!"
In Yilie’s eyes, there was a hint of determination, and then the hand lifted and the mouth swallowed the fruit.
He felt that Zhu Guo’s entrance turned into a warm current and quickly flowed into his stomach. At first, he didn’t feel anything.
But he didn’t dare to slack off, so he immediately sat cross-legged and ran the tenth floor of the red flame achievement method. He swam quickly to the abdomen and began to impact the innate environment.
At this time, thicker and purer energy was bred from his abdomen in Yilie’s mind, and suddenly a fiercely ran the achievement method to absorb the essence from Zhu Guo.
Every time he absorbs a wisp of true qi, he grows stronger and fills his abdomen little by little.
However, in a moment, he felt that the true qi in the abdomen was saturated, and if he went on like this, he would be burst sooner or later.
The most important thing to break through the innate nature is to condense and compress the acquired qi and the innate qi.
Card this step is like crossing the river.
Success will lead to a great increase in Shou Yuan; If you fail, you will be lost, and it will be difficult for everyone to have a breakthrough.
Without hesitation, Yu Yilie began to work hard on the tenth floor of the red achievement method, and the compression body began to skyrocket.
However, the Zhuguohua liquid in the center of his abdomen still continuously releases wisps of pure energy and collides with his constant attempt to compress the true qi to the center.