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After a lot of hardships, she finally returned to the stalwart man.

"Pear fragrance, see if you are tanned." Pi two dog stared at this face that hasn’t been washed away and couldn’t help but feel great love. Two people stared at each other. Suddenly, it was like a pole of firewood and fire slamming forward with their mouths and kissing for several minutes. Tian Huilixiang hurried up and begged the boss that I want to plow quickly …
Chapter 914 War namely
After the event, Pi two dog lit a cigarette comfortably, and his eyes were full of love for pear fragrance, so he said pear fragrance. You came out of the country for two months, and the state-owned warehouse was almost in a hurry. Speaking of anti-fate planting, this is the basis for the sustainable development of Danaituan Company. Without anti-fate planting, more than 100,000 mu of farmland in nine planets City would not produce anti-fate agricultural products. Without anti-fate agricultural products, Danaituan Company would fall apart, and the dream of getting rich would be broken.
put out
In a foreign country, Da Nai Village is the most concerned about Pi two dog day and night.
"Boss, two months ago, I heard from Hongshang that it would take two months at most to strengthen the warehouse. Now it is estimated that they are very anxious!" Tian Hui pear fragrance holding the staff smell speech skin two dog is slipped to wear good clothes and ordered to "pear fragrance Chen Yixin sent a large number of minions to search me crazy and I can’t show up for the time being. Let Cao always send a cargo plane to come over and I’m going to set up a warehouse in Bacheng.
After that, it was planted by Bacheng to the country! "
"It’s the boss!" When Tian Huili Xiang dialed Cao Man’s bow, the president of the group, Cao Man’s bow was stunned when he heard that he was sending a plane to Bacheng. Then he was so excited that tears swirled in his eyes. No one was more anxious than him these days. Before the disappearance of the boss Pi two dog, nine planets rented hundreds of thousands of acres in major towns and villages.
The owner of farmland has been missing for two months, but he hasn’t left his warehouse in the suburb of nine planets City. He has moved to the warehouse. Rice seeds are in urgent need. Sanqi is in urgent need. Suoyang pills are in urgent need, as well as flue-cured tobacco and pepper. Miss wang hong Chang transferred the main lean personnel department of nine planets City to Southeast Asia to find someone to station in nine planets City. He has Cao Man Gong, the vice president Bao Mei-er, the six agricultural product managers who go against the fate. Almost all the left-behind personnel in the East China Sea Dragon King Head are military commanders.
be badly bruised and battered
If the big boss can’t get back, it means that millions of people in nine planets will lose their jobs.
When Cao Man was in despair, he suddenly received Tian Huili’s sweet words, and suddenly he was ecstatic and didn’t dare to neglect the deployment of Boeing 747. On this afternoon, various companies in nine planets City ushered in the biggest single business. Manager Cao personally came forward to purchase 20 tons of vegetables, 20 tons of rice, 20 tons of medicinal materials, 100 tons of flue-cured tobacco and pepper from the company.
It took several hours just to load the goods.
At five o’clock in the afternoon, the Boeing 747 from nine planets International Airport successfully landed at Bacheng Airport after a long flight.
When the goods arrive, everyone is busy and stationed in the camp. 300 dragon troops have become laborers. They want to carry six kinds of goods out of cargo planes and put them on the open ground.
It was not until 9: 00 p.m. that all species were transported.
Then it’s Pi Er Dog Farm’s turn. He’s a god, and he’s begging for spiritual rain to strengthen all kinds. Spiritual rain moistens one hundred tons of species and turns them into anti-fate species. So the agricultural products planted are anti-fate agricultural products.
Pi two dog Ba Cheng also opened a secluded vegetable base, so he intercepted some kinds of about 40 tons and left 60 tons to be planted in China.
A week later, the pilot of Bacheng was forced to land from Hufeilong Department of Dayi City, but Nita two dog’s careful treatment failed to complete his recovery, but he was able to move freely.
These days, Dani knows that the Flame Army has been destroyed, and so has the fierce Jilong Army. He really saw the great strength of the Dragon Army. After much consideration, the fighter pilot announced that he would join the Dragon Army and be loyal to Pi two dog.
Pi two dog can’t expect fighter pilots like Dani to be treated like national treasures everywhere. He offered Dani a high salary of one million yuan a year to make him the vice captain and flight instructor of the helicopter flight brigade.
Up to now, the total strength of the Dragon Army has exceeded 700. As the team continues to grow, he needs a powerful person to lead the Dragon Army. Others should be anonymous and can hide behind the scenes for remote command, and this powerful person must belong to Hiderigami.
Uncle Hiderigami and his seven werewolves are reinforcement people.
Soapy two dog ordered Sonna, the commander of the Hiderigami Dragon Army, to assist Hiderigami in his daily work.
During the period, the Allies arrived in Bacheng to join the Dragon Army, which increased from 700 troops to 900.
Going against the sky and the base, this piece of clever and elegant, running three million mu of farmland, the Ministry is in place.
In the vast fields, insulation greenhouses were built. two dog paid a high salary of 200 yuan a day to hire 10,000 hardworking farmers to invest in large-scale seedling cultivation and land preparation.
A month later, the calm day came to a screeching halt this morning. Pi two dog accompanied a large number of harem to the fort. After breakfast, he saw Tian Huilixiang coming in in a hurry. "The boss reported that the Hufeilong Department of Dayi City was led by the head of the team, Warren, driving ten armored vehicles and more than a dozen trucks. About 300 people rushed to Ba City!
"Good, good! I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time!" When Pi two dog ate breakfast in a hurry, he called a meeting of the Werewolf Guard and the conference room of officers of all sizes. Pi two dog’s fate food base has been set up. In a few days, it will be the first bumper harvest. He didn’t want to work hard to plant the fate agricultural products and be blown up by shells. Immediately, two hundred Shenlong troops led by Hiderigami were stationed in situ, and two hundred Shenlong troops led by others entered the mountain.
The strike will block the Valen army from a hundred miles away from the city of Ba.
At the same time, twenty artillery reinforcements pulled ten cannons out of the ammunition depot and stood by at any time.
Soon, the Battalion mobilized three heavy transport helicopters to send a field. Because of the threat of the Valen army, their marching speed quickly reached the Dayi Mountain range about 200 miles away from Battalion.
Due to years of war, the villages in the Dayi Mountains are in ruins, and most of the original residents have been evacuated.
Pi two dog flew to Dayi Mountain by heavy helicopter and saw a dilapidated and desolate scene. He couldn’t help but sigh. The vanguard troops landed on an open grassland on the bank of Dayi River. Not far away is Dayi Bridge, which is the only way to reach Basheng. Pi two dog led 200 Dragon Army to ambush the bridge.
Chapter 915 Warren army terrible equipment
After camping in the Woods, Pi two dog found the pilot, but Dani knew the enemy’s firepower, but Dani was the chief pilot of Hu Feilong’s flight brigade and asked him if he must have a real hammer.
I didn’t expect Danny to say something directly, sir Xiaolong. If you were me, would you expose the scar of your former boss?
But he has such a temper. two dog and Tian Huiliang smiled and said that there is nothing wrong with saying that he is reliable
"But I shouldn’t have made it hard for you!" Listen to Daniel, he has his own principles. Prove that he is not the kind of double-dealing villain.
Tian Huili Xiang held the staff for him. She told Qi Shenlong’s vice captain, Song Na, to flash to no one to discuss it.
"Boss, I looked at a large camp where the wheeled self-propelled artillery has a range of less than 50 kilometers. We are also 50 kilometers away from the camp. I am afraid that the artillery will not be sent." "Xiaolong Hufeilongzhi Yichun State is the largest autonomous state in the southern part of the Emerald Kingdom, with private soldiers. This state has fighters. It is estimated that other weapons will not be bad!" Song Na said that Pi two dog hissed and took a chill breath. Song Na originally belonged to Wessee and followed the Flame Army to the East.
She knows well about the deployment of troops and the level of weapons on various hills in this area.
This kind of guerrilla warfare in the jungle, Pi two dog, doesn’t have much experience. She is crossing the river by feeling the stones. After all, she is not from Hu Feilong’s department and doesn’t know much about their weapons and equipment.
So it seems necessary for him to take a trip to the front.
In my heart, two dog told Li Xiang and Song Na to stay and guard the camp. Song Na learned that he was going to spy on the enemy hinterland. She didn’t stop him. She was awake. He was careful. The enemy sniper Pi two dog nodded and said that he knew. He took a bag of grain, a dozen magazines and several grenades into the marching bag. He also took a crossbow machine and took a look at Tian Huilixiang. This was a big step out of the barracks. Li Xiang was his follower, and she followed wherever the boss went.
Pi two dog said pear fragrance in distress situation. I can jump out of 20 meters away when I get up. You can’t stay and watch the house!
"Boss, I’m your follower. One more person has to take care of me, right?" Pear fragrance was anxious. "I went deep into the enemy’s hinterland to spy on the military situation, not to go for a walk, okay?" Sonna hugged pear-scented waist skin in front of her pants, and two dog swept it to the riverside. Visually, the width of the river on the other side was about 50 meters, and it was very convenient to settle down on the huge pier of Dayi Bridge.
There are five huge piers at a distance of about ten meters.
This bridge has probably been locked by snipers sent by Hu Feilong’s department, and it is definitely not allowed to walk across the bridge head. The safest way is to cross the bridge bottom in secret, and he is sure to cross it easily with the help of the pier foothold.
Pi two dog, like a spring, bounces more than ten meters from the ground, just like a shell leaving a chamber, and flies across the pier one after another. In just a few minutes, he swept across the river, peeping out the dog’s head from the dense tropical plants, scanning the front jungle, pulling up the ground on both sides of the bridge, and the hills and hills are covered with overgrown plants. There is actually a hidden cave with two snipers covered with green grass.
The gun pointed at the bridge skin. two dog broke out in a cold sweat. Fortunately, he didn’t swagger across the bridge. He picked the crossbow machine and loaded the crossbow. As soon as it flashed from the bottom of the bridge, there was a shadow that disappeared into the jungle on the hill and moved to the cave.
Perspective eye scans around.
Strangely, the sniper’s cave has a cliff that is five or six meters high from the cave to the ground. It has a cave eloquence and a foothold. There is no way to sneak away on both sides
At this moment, ji, a mountain behind him, stared at him stupidly. Pi two dog shot through ji’s belly and picked it up with four or five pounds. He aimed at the mouth of the mountain and threw it at the mouth of the mountain.
The two men in the cave were so scared that they pulled out their guns and found that it was a mountain ji, so they ignored it.
There is another one in Pi two dog who will lean out of the dog’s head to have a look. I didn’t expect these two goods to become fine, but they couldn’t be lured successfully. There was no way to take out a Grenade and suddenly pull out the circle and throw it into the cave accurately